A Research Paper Exploring Pakistani Youth in the U.S

PhD Doctor of Philosophy
Other, Humanities, Social Sciences
Anthropology and Ethnography, Religion and Society, Theater, Literature, Italian and French
Project description

Iba's project researches the minority group of Pakistani Youth in the United States and how they identify themselves. By interviewing two members of this community, the project compares and contrasts their views to gain insight into the lives of first-generation youth in America. Through the exploration of various parts of Pakistani-American culture, such as religion, food, clothing, language, and interactions, Iba was able to establish a better understanding of this community, one that is under-researched and under-represented. She hopes that through her work, she can inspire readers to explore minority groups and expand their cultural awareness, becoming more open-minded.

A Research Paper Exploring Pakistani Youth in the U.S
Project outcome

Iba wrote a research paper.

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Student background

Iba is a 17 year-old high schooler from Miami, FL.

Student review

Working with Lulie was a great experience! She inspired me to explore this subject in a flexible manner, while guiding me to be thorough and diligent with my work. All the while, we enjoyed talking about anthropology.

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