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Mentor profile
Amazon, SDE Intern
JDA Software (now Blue Yonder), Data Science Intern
UC Berkeley EECS Department, Academic Intern/Lab Assistant
Ng Lab (BAIR), Undergraduate Researcher
Project description

This student coded a Physics Calculator website! The website not only takes a user's input and provides the answers to a physics equation, but also shows the steps involved in arriving at the solution. By adding multiple equations and generalizing the code, the website can be modified with more equations and concepts in the future.

Project outcome

An online physics calculator.

Check out the online calculator!
Student background

Carl Patel is a high school junior from California. He developed this calculator with the aim of helping Physics students understand complex formulas by breaking them down into simple steps. Carl’s favorite subjects in school are Math and Science. He has a keen interest in Computer Science with an emphasis on Medical Data Analysis. He has also earned his Eagle Scout and is an avid athlete. He plays varsity football and lacrosse for his high school and also enjoys snowboarding in his spare time. His hobbies include watching movies and playing video games.

Student review

The most valuable part about this program was that it helped me learn how to create my own website from scratch and to develop my computer science skills. Working with my mentor, Justin, allowed me to ask for help from an expert whenever I was stuck on a problem. Justin was very supportive and knowledgable on the topic and was able to guide me through the entire process.

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