Review paper: The Genetics of Obesity: From Single Mutations to Genome-Wide Screens

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New York State Department of Health, Research Experience for Undergraduates Student
Project description

This student wrote a review paper covering how mutations in the leptin and MC4R hormone signaling pathways can impact someone's risk for obesity. In his paper, he describes how these pathways are related to obesity and discusses modern advancements in gene-editing and cell-based therapies used to treat obesity. He covers the biology behind these topics and delves deep into ethics on how these new technologies can be implemented morally. Another significant aspect of this student's paper was that he highlighted the lack of diversity in genome-wide studies, discussing how this trend does not simply confirm the presence of social imbalances in the field but how a lack of representation of certain people in these studies can cause severe biological implications.

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Project outcome

This student's research project is in process of being published by the Journal of Student Research.

Student background

17 year old from Texas.

Student review

In general, working with Jacob was an amazing experience. He was extremely supportive and helpful in my journey to complete the project. Also, he would always keep me engaged by giving me weekly assignments and comments on the latest draft of my paper. He had the perfect balance of teaching and listening, which really helped me perform to the best of my abilities. In a project like this, I think it is important to have some kind of mentor that can guide you through the process but still let you learn on your own.

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