Review Paper on Quantum Algorithms

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IXL Learning, Science Curriculum Designer
Institute for Defense Analyses, Research Staff Member
Project description

This student was interested in quantum mechanics and the new pathways it provides for performing computations. There are a wide range of problems wherein quantum approaches offer potential for solutions that classical machines could reach with greater difficulty. This review paper offers a detailed breakdowns of the first introduced quantum algorithm Deutsch-Jozsa, and the first quantum algorithm proven to be faster than classical algorithms Grover’s Algorithm. It also includes a side-by-side comparison of the quantum algorithms and its classical counterparts.

Quantum Algorithms
Project outcome

This student submitted their paper to a peer-reviewed publication.

Student background

18-year old from Turkey.

Student review

When we were going over the quantum algorithms, there were parts I had difficulty in understanding and my mentor Daniel helped me better comprehend parts that require an advanced level of math as well as other steps that I needed help with. The guidance Daniel provided was priceless, and after a few weeks I couldn't believe I was working on quantum algorithms that seemed impossible to understand at the beginning. I am very thankful for his mentorship and I could not expect a better experience!

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