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Teachers College, Columbia University, Teaching Assistant
Barnard College, Teaching Assistant
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.Sc.
Columbia University, M.A.
Columbia University,
Project description

"Teen mental health, while being a talkative topic among professionals, is a touchy one among teens." This student started Cats to Cats as a student-run organization dedicated to ensuring everyone at Los Gatos High School can get the resources they need and a way that works for them. He worked with his mentor Tanya to research the scientific literature that would best prepare him for this leadership role. Cats to Cats is now a movement with a robust network of students, a thriving social calendar with clear marketing on social media, and a leadership in place to carry out the student's legacy after graduation.

high school research psychology
Project outcome

This student started a mental-health advocacy group at his school informed by his research in the field of psychology. You can learn more from the website or youtube channel below or check out the instagram account @lgcatstocats!

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Student review

For my first several meetings, my mentor helped me in reaching out to my peers, communicating with the school administration, and providing third-party organizations and therapy centers for inspiration. My mentor helped structure my student team in a way that could transition well to the next year. She helped decide what projects to work on, how to advertise Cats to Cats to my community, and what resources we could use. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my Polygence experience and Cats to Cats would not have been the same without her.

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