Political Polarization in America

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Amazon, Data scientist
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Princeton University, BA
Oxford University, MPhil
Oxford University,
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This sophomore in high school was most interested in the field of government and politics. Already involved in various roles in local government organizations, he came to Polygence looking for a more personal approach to learning. He wanted to explore the ideas that were most interesting to him, such as political polarization in America. Through Polygence, he worked with his mentor to study and discuss the ideas permeating politics. At the end, he wrote a series of opinion editorials. One of which, he and his mentor co-authored and published together!

Political Polarization in America
Project outcome

This student wrote a series of opinion editorials. You can read them at the links below.

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Student review

My other experiences within government and politics were great, like Model UN and my internship with the Democratic Party, but they were all rigidly structured. With Polygence, it was completely tailored to me, so I was able to delve in on the topics that I really enjoy. Whereas with Model UN and my internship, what I did was subject to what the organization was doing. It was really great to be able to work one-on-one and have a very hands-on experience with Polygence, and I think that is why I was able to produce work that I’m really proud of.

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