Analyzing the Role of the Human Gut Microbiota

Mentor profile
Stanford University, Post-doctoral research fellow
Laval university, Post-doctoral research fellow
Project description

In this project the student wrote a research paper that explains the different microbiota that exist in the human gut as well as the relationship between humans and their gut microbiota. The student was particularly interested in researching how microbes in our gut affect our health, nutrition, and contribute to certain food-related allergies.

Analyzing the Role of the Human Gut Microbiota
Project outcome

Research paper submission to the Journal of Youths in Science (

Student background

17-year old from Phoenix, AZ

Student review

“My mentor was amazing in making my project very engaging and played a very important role in helping me find interest in this subject. Unlike traditional teachers, he didn’t tell me what to do – he gave me space to do my own project. He taught me to appreciate the fact that as humans, we are never alone. We’re never alone because always there are always millions and billions and trillions of creatures on our bodies at all times and they each have a unique relationship to us. There are using our bodies as a home and a food source, and it's mind-boggling to think that when we take care of ourselves, we’re also taking care of our microbiome!”

Mentor review

"I was amazed by the pertinence of the Polygence concept and its structure. Freedom is fundamental to the program, which makes it different from academic programs that have a rigid curriculum. This way of teaching gives me a lot of pleasure as I believe teaching is a form of inspiration. It’s about showing young people how to learn what they want to study so I can support the student's career and calling."

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