Abnormally Normal: An 80-Page Autobiography

Mentor profile
Princeton University, B.A.
Stanford University, Ph.D.
Project description

The broad topic of this project was creative autobiographical writing. The student was interested in crafting a long-form autobiography detailing his childhood and adolescent struggles with cerebral palsy, a congenital disease. Throughout this project, the student researched the disease to provide an informative first chapter for his readers, as well as structured subsequent chapters to detail events from his childhood and teenage years.

Abnormally Normal: An 80-Page Autobiography
Project outcome

The student produced and published an 80-page autobiography about his life thus far and has distributed it to hospitals and children’s wards that took care of him.

Student background

17-year-old from Hong Kong, China.

Student review

"My mentor has been wonderful in her feedback on all of my writing. Her advice is always to the point and clearly explained, which allows me to understand how exactly to proceed. She has helped me tremendously throughout the entire process of writing my autobiography — from the initial brainstorming stage to the structuring of the sections, to the actual writing, and all the way up to the final editing and proofreading stages. Not only has she helped me become a better writer, but also a better thinker during the process. "

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