The Lifespan of Alzheimer Disease

Mentor profile
Stanford Medical School, Teaching Assistant for "Clinical Skills"
Stanford Clinical Summer Internship, Teacher and Mentor for High School Program
Yale University, B.S.
Stanford School of Medicine, MD
Project description

This rising senior came to Polygence with an interest in biology, specifically neuroscience. She had already taken an anatomy class in high school, and her favorite unit was on the brain. The student decided she'd like to write a research paper, and so decided to write a review paper on Alzheimer's disease. Her paper covers biochemical causes, neural regions affected, how it manifests clinically, and how it could affect organs outside of the brain.

The Lifespan of Alzheimer Disease
Student review

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Marija. She has made this an experience that I will never forget. From the first session Marija listened to all of my interests and formed a project that was both so much fun and interesting. My work between sessions will help me in the future as it taught me how to read and write scientific papers, as well as present this information. She has taken complex topics and taught it to me so I would perfectly understand them. I loved working with Marija and it has grown my love for science and medicine.

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