Polygence Program

  1. Complete online application.
    If your application is promising, we will get in touch to schedule an interview.
  2. Interview (10 min) with program coordinators to evaluate your background, interests, and suitability for our program.
    If we think you are the right fit, we will match you with a mentor.
    1. 10 one-to-one (60 min) sessions with your mentor over a period of 3-6 months:
    2. Introduction* (1 session):
      Discuss project, learning goals and creative end product
    3. Foundations (2 sessions):
      Cover necessary background via guided readings and in-depth reviews
    4. Exploration (3 sessions):
      Explore problem and innovative solutions
      Complete introductory hands-on tasks
    5. Execution (3 sessions):
      Implement cutting-edge research methods
      Complete independent work and creative product
    6. Presentation (1 session):
      Present results, lessons learned, future horizon
  3. 10 written session reports sent after each session.
    1 mid-program progress report sent after session 5.
  4. Letter of Recommendation will be awarded to students exhibiting outstanding performance throughout the mentorship process.
  5. Students with ambitious long-running projects may opt to extend their Polygence program with additional sessions.

*You only pay the tuition if you want to continue with your chosen mentor after the Intro Session.

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